Madness Knocks at my Door and I Answer

When we were younger, my siblings and I, we steered clear from the front door when we heard a knock. When I think back to it, I’m not sure why. We knew a murderer would not be outside, awaiting our open invitation. Maybe it was the concern of seeing an unexpected guest we did know, while we were dressed in our pajamas with our hair undone and our teeth unbrushed. Perhaps also, it was because solicitors frequented our block, and it’s nearly impossible to say no to those incessant beings. So as children, when someone knocked, we stopped, dropped, and hid out of sight until we were sure the visitor had left.

It became second nature; to hide from the unexpected and to wait for it to disappear. This habit rolled over into other areas of life as well, I speak for myself as I’m not certain where it stands with my siblings. But as for me, that small tradition became a trait of my being, and I never really noticed that it impacted me so much for a while, but when I did it shocked my system.

When opportunity knocked, I ran in the other room and hid. I’ve been afraid of change for a long time because I’ve been so obsessed with the comfort that familiarity brings – even if I can only find it in pain. When you’ve known something for so long, you keep going back to it because you figure you’ll only be worse off if you quit it, and nothing can make the situation you’re in any more pleasant. And honestly, sometimes that is the case. But what I’ve realized recently is that you won’t know if there’s something better out there until you try to change the pattern.

There’s bound to be at least some good if you take up every opportunity you’re presented with. Even if 9/10 times there’s a negative outcome, that 1/10 might be the one improvement to your life that you’ve been waiting for all this time. Would you really want that to slip through your fingers?

So now, when madness knocks at my door, I greet it with a smile and welcome it inside. I challenge you to do the same.


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