How Easy it is to forget this Complex Life We Live

It’s so strangely beautiful, no that’s not the word I want to use…so strangely exquisite. This world we live in. I so often lose sight of that, it’s ridiculous.

We, or at least I, trap myself/ourselves in our own little world and decide that that’s all there is to life. In the crevices of our minds, we realize and acknowledge that there is more to life, that people live differently than we do, that there’s more out there than our daily agendas – we do believe that underneath it all…

But we don’t. Not really, anyway.

Because we get ourselves into ruts. We believe that our schedule, our lives, are not going to change because it’s what we’re stuck in. Sure, maybe there’s more to life, more definitive qualities but how do we reach them when all we know is such torment, disaster, or just plain bore? Everything that’s out there is just so freaking hard to reach, we give up and give in. We accept that this is what life has handed us, these are the shackles we bare, we forget of those qualities that only exist in the forethoughts of our minds.

At least that’s where I’m at with it.

But right now, right at this very moment, there’s a man sitting across from me eating black licorice. I mean, black licorice! Who even knew that stuff existed anymore!?  He’s minding his own business, reading the newspaper (I mean, it’s awesome that people even still do that while the building we’re in is fully equipped with functional, full-speed wifi), eating the black gunk that makes me want to gag. But it’s just so stinkin’ amazing.

The guy directly next to me has long hair, as in, almost longer than my own. And it’s not in a “man bun”! It’s just so crazy to me that we’re so used to seeing certain things, people acting certain ways, treating others in certain ways that we forget anything else can exist, because usually – it doesn’t.

The guy diagonal from me is probably in his twenties and he has a laptop, as do myself and Not-Man-Bun-Dude, but his is clunky and old, it has character, even some stickers too. It’s not an Apple Product, it’s not brain washable material. It’s just his means of collecting personal entries and surfing the internet, his personal laptop.

Each of us came here for a different reason, but we all sit together with our different agendas, a few comments thrown out between the clatter of the silverware and the typing of various keyboards.

It’s just so brilliant that there’s people out there who do things outside of what we’re used to, that those forethoughts our mind throws into our constant train of thought every now and then are real. They aren’t figments of our imagination, they actually exist. Because people are everywhere, they come of all different type of places and situations and they understand life in different ways that we might not and if there’s one thing that I can appreciate from the trip I’m on, it’s that not everyone is the same. And thank God they’re not.
Oh and I lied. Not-Man-Bun-Dude? Yeah, his hair is totally longer than mine. And while I was writing this he definitely put his hair in a manbun, but for the record – he’s rockin’ it.


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