Everyone’s Karma

From the very wise words of my best friend:

“You can’t be everyone’s karma.”

Although when she said this, her words weren’t directed at me (in fact, they actually happened to be in my defense) but they might as well have been for me anyway.

Recently I’ve learned that you gotta let go of what you’ve continued to let hurt you and accept that people are gonna do some seriously stupid shit. But it’s not always your business. And it’s not always gonna be your job to put them in their place (no matter how much they deserve it).

I’ve recently become aware that I won’t necessarily get to see the person who did me wrong get the punishment that they deserved. And maybe (although the probability is slim (that was a joke)) they don’t deserve the punishment I had sought out for them. Maybe some people are thinking the same of me. When is she gonna get the penalty waiting for her?

I think the hardest part about this realization is the fact that I am not in control of anyone else’s consequences.

No matter how close or far away their actions hit home for me, it’s not my right to give them what I think they “deserve.”

Justice can’t be served based on my opinion of what is “just.” I’m not totally innocent in this life, either.

Sometimes you just gotta wait and let time tell all. And maybe everyone ends up learning a lesson from it in the end.


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