Wanna know a secret? 

You remember in school, on the first day of classes, where the teacher stood in front of the class and asked each person to introduce themselves and say their favorite fill-in-the-blank or just an interesting fact about themselves?  I was always the kid who got flustered and panicked for one of two (usually both, actually) reasons. I hated talking in front of my peers – especially when they were being forced to listen – and I’ve never ever been able to come up with interesting facts about myself.

So, at the very least, the first thing you should know about me is that I find it very hard to list off details about myself in general, but especially in an “about me” page. And I will leave that as that.

My goal is to reveal myself in such a way through this blog that an “about me” page would never be able to respectfully depict my being.

However, I do know this for sure:

My name is Charis. I am currently 19 and learning that the world is full of mistakes and unmistakable beauty that is way too often overlooked. I hope to inspire people, someone, anyone. That is my sole goal in life.