After Everything

Fire and Ice do not co-exist Everyone knows they’re opposites It’s common misconception To believe that they attract They disappear in the aftermath In the end they fizzle out Left with heaps of smoke and doubt Butterflies in her stomach But crickets in his mind Hidden behind closed eyes And thoughtful lies Words left parched … More After Everything

The Monster Within

  She writes poetry when she can’t sleep. Hell, she writes poetry when she can’t think, when she can’t breathe, when her whole world is flooded with those damn thoughts that she can never run far enough away from. Her fingers fly, on the keyboard, on the Notes App on her phone, with a pencil … More The Monster Within

Shattered Glass

  She broke like glass. she wasn’t delicate, nor quiet. She demanded unwanted attention. She shattered everywhere. All at once, pieces of her left hidden in corners and behind doors. Forgotten and left behind.   A mess that any participant would be unwilling to clean. Shards of glass to pierce whomever may come next.   … More Shattered Glass

Everyone’s Karma

From the very wise words of my best friend: “You can’t be everyone’s karma.” Although when she said this, her words weren’t directed at me (in fact, they actually happened to be in my defense) but they might as well have been for me anyway. Recently I’ve learned that you gotta let go of what … More Everyone’s Karma

How Easy it is to forget this Complex Life We Live

It’s so strangely beautiful, no that’s not the word I want to use…so strangely exquisite. This world we live in. I so often lose sight of that, it’s ridiculous. We, or at least I, trap myself/ourselves in our own little world and decide that that’s all there is to life. In the crevices of our … More How Easy it is to forget this Complex Life We Live

Restless Nights

I wrote a story on a whim of how hard sleeping has been lately. This is how it turned out, give it a read:   The room was filled with soft melodies of music she’d never heard, encased with the sound of the keyboard and occasional creaks within the old house she’d always lived in. … More Restless Nights